2-8-14 – Deadlift for Hope Charity Event

Today we traveled to Munster, Indiana to take part in a deadlift competition. The competition was hosted by our mentors Matt and Julia Ladewski at their new facility, The Region Athletic Club. The proceeds of the competition went to HopeKids, an organization that benefits children with terminal illnesses and their families. There was a great turnout on the snowy day and it was a great environment to lift in.

Going into this competition I had only deadlifted twice in the past couple of months so I wasn’t expecting anything big. I was just happy taking part in a great cause. Everything felt surprisingly easy. I was in the middle of the second flight so I had some time to warm up. I took my warm ups in a nonchalant fashion. I was in the middle of a conversation with Rob Luyando when I heard I was up to lift. I cut the conversation short and took my opener of 425. It felt a little heavier than what it should have but I contribute that to not being as focused as I should have been.

I made my way to the judges table and told Julia to my second attempt, 455. When I got to the platform I was focused as I should have been the first time and it was easy! After that attempt I decided to just go for a personal record of 510. My previous personal record was 505 and that took place about six months ago. I got to the bar, visualized myself doing the lift, grabbed it and it came up surprisingly easy! A NEW PR! I never thought I was going to be able to achieve that especially since I haven’t consistently trained in I don’t know how long.

My teammate Jesse Kurth also competed and pulled for a personal record as well, 365 pound! He is going to make a name for himself in the near future in powerlifting. I was very proud of his performance! It was a very well run competition and very fun to do. Everyone cheered each other on and helped each other out just like powerlifters do.