2-14-14 – Deadlift: Belt & Butts

Deadlifts went great today. I felt strong(her). I put my feet out a little wider today and also brought my grip in one more finger, and I wore a belt today too. I made sure to get that big breath in and push my belly against the belt on every set. I ordered myself a (purple!!) belt the other day, so it will be here in a few weeks. I just realized that my deadlift, which used to be my worst lift, is now my highest training max. Interesting. Maybe Dave Tate’s butt had something to do with that. Stay tuned for the explanation.

Warm Up Sets
1x5 65 lbs
1x5 75 lbs
1x3 80 lbs
Working Sets
1x3 100 lbs
1x3 105 lbs
1x3 115 lbs
1x3 125 lbs
1x3 130 lbs
4x10 straight-leg deadlifts
4x10 seated band spreads
3x10 barbell shrugs
3x10 back raises on GHR