1-11-14 – Deadlifts

I had a lot of sleep and it felt good, seeing as last week I had bad deadlift day. Driving to the gym the only thing I could think is your not going to have another bad day and man was I right! I went to the bar on my last set with 505 lbs on the bar and told Mike I was going to only do 5 or 6 reps. I got to 6 and it felt like it was only 135 lbs! I went until I lost my balance and I stopped at 10 reps! I felt like I could have done 2 more but all together it was a PR and a great day!

Breakfast: Eight scrambled eggs, two glasses of milk
Lunch: Cheeseburger, fries, pizza
Dinner: Four cheeseburgers

Foam rolled back and stretched hamstrings, glutes, quads
135 x 10
225 x 8
315 x 3
405 x 1
455 x 1
505 x 10
Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3 x 8 - 225, 275, 290
Straight Bar Cheat Curls 3 x 5 - 155, 165, 165
One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls 3 x 8 - 40