1-22-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench Press

Today was another early morning session. My wife Gina joined me today on the bench! I love training at this time because it allows me to have the entire day to get everything done. Training consistently is something that has to be done in order for me to get any results. I need to start handling heavy weights again so that is why I am choosing to have max effort days in my training. My body has seen great results from it in the past thanks to the training regimen Matt and Julia Ladewski wrote for me. Time to get back to it!

The max effort lift I choose for today was close grip bench press. The presses felt good while coming off my chest. I was having discomfort near my left collarbone at times while descending the bar. To fix that problem I not only squeezed my shoulder blades together tighter but I forced them down towards my butt. This took a lot of pressure off my shoulders and more on my upper/middle back. For some reason I was having trouble getting good leg drive on a few of my sets. I will make a point to press my heals down even harder next time.

We are always crunched for time here so we did our accessories in a circuit. Not only did this help on getting the most out of our time but it kept us moving and our heart rates up. All in all today was a good session. I am looking forward to seeing the progress!

Warm Ups
Bar 2 x 10
2 x 5 - 95, 135
3 x 3 - 175, 205, 235
Working Sets
7 x 1 - 265, 285, 305, 315, 325, 335, 345
Down set 210 x 5
* Circuit, 4 rounds *
TRX Rows x 10
Dumbbell Side Raises x10 - 25
Band Spreads x 25
Tricep Pushdowns w/ Grenades x10 - 60
Hammer Curls x10 - 30