1-26-14 – Two Board Bench Press

Today Gina and I decided to get our training done after business hours. This allows us to not be distracted by any outside sources. In the video you will see the 2 board held on my chest by a band. I learned this from watching Brandon Smitley’s videos of him doing the same exercise. This takes away from the need to have someone hold the board on your chest.

The weight was coming off the board pretty fast. I felt my leg drive was on point today. One thing I was concentrating on was squeezing my back HARD while lowering the bar to the board. This made my body very stable and helped me drive the bar away from my body when I was pushing. I worked up to 435lbs for a single. It came up a little shaky but I still managed to lock it out. I decided to stop it there because fatigue was hurting my technique. Accessories went well. Everything I did was to work on a weakness of mine. Overall great session.

2 Board Bench Press
Warm Ups
4 x 5 - 135, 185, 225, 265
305 x 3
8 x 1 - 325, 345, 365, 385, 405, 415, 425, 435
Downset 325 x 7
Incline DB Bench Press 3 x 15 - 50
Lat Pull Downs 5 x 10 - 150
One Arm Kneeling DB Press 3 x 10 - 35
Band Spreads 4 x 25
Tricep Pushdowns 4 x 10 - 100
Hammer Curls 3 x 10 - 30