Jesse Kurth – AAPF Summer Bash Powerlifting Meet Recap

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.jpg

I am proud to say that I can officially call myself a power lifter! After about a year and a half of training like one and participating in three in house meets, on August third I participated in my first official meet. I can definitely say that the three in house meets at HPF helped a lot by getting me use to how the whole thing runs and having all eyes on you while you lift. I was still a little bit nervous getting there and going up my first squats but after that I was ready to rock and roll! I hit my first two squats with ease but missed my last one of 314. My bench was feeling very good that day, but I missed my second lift because I didn’t wait for the rack command but hit my third bench of 214. My deadlift is what I am most proud of because I hit a PR at 375.7 pounds. Over all it was a great experience and I was honored to be able to represent HPF at Summer Bash. A big thanks to go out to every one that came out wearing red and black to flood the
bleachers and maybe sure that HPF made its mark on summer bash 2014!

Best Lifts:
Squat – 297 lbs
Bench Press – 214 lbs
Deadlifts – 375.5 lbs lbs