2-10-14 – Squat: Healing & Nutrition

Alright, so I skipped two weeks to let my back heal and started again today on my second week of this new cycle, since it’s only like a 5 lb difference anyways. I was letting my lower back heal up completely before I tried anything else. Everything felt great today. I never like waking up early, but I did it and I was there, and I trained. Check. Accomplished. Squats went well; they’re my favorite of the three main lifts. I remembered to keep everything tight and locked in on my upper back, my elbows in, wrists straight, knees out, pressure on the outsides of my feet and my head back. Split leg squats always leave my quads feeling like they’re going to fall off. The reverse hypers tore up my lower back and glutes and it felt great. The rest of the day I felt energized; I started getting tired until around 3:30pm and had to sneak in a quick 5 or 10-minute nap. Mike and I are excited to be on track with our training and we’re going to stick with a low carb nutrition program, and then carb load the nights before we train early in the mornings Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Warm Up Sets
1x5 45 lbs
1x5 50 lbs
1x3 55 lbs
Working Sets
1x3 65 lbs
1x3 70 lbs
1x3 75 lbs
1x3 80 lbs
1x3 85 lbs
3x20 seated band spreads
3x15 seated leg curls w/orange band
2x10 split leg squats
4x12 reverse hyper