*New Training Log* – Meet Gina!

Hey Readers!

This is Gina, the same one in the picture with Mike on the top of the page! I’m coming to you as the wife of the strength analyst, full time student, business owner, and full time operations manager who wants to be in the best shape now, so I can make it habit for the rest of my life. I think powerlifting is way more fun than anything else I’ve ever seen or did previously. It brings real results; isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Also, I think lifting heavy is very important for women. Not only for health reasons like increasing/maintaining bone density so we can prevent osteoporosis later in life, but also for the WONDERS it works on our self image, confidence, and mental strength. In a world where we’re being pulled and pushed in a million directions about what our body is supposed to look like, it’s refreshing to know that lifting heavy puts the emphasis on how much weight is on the barbell, instead of what the scale reads.

I’m a newbie powerlifter, so you’ll see that I’m starting out with a high volume program to stress perfecting my form and technique before I worry about how much weight I’m lifting. My training will consist of 3 main lift days (squat, bench, deadlift) and one extra day of shoulder press and abs. I’m also starting a low-carb nutrition program where I eat minimal carbs (30 grams or less) all day/night on training days, and load up on carbs the nights before I train early the next morning.

Stay Strong,

Gina 🙂