11-11-13 – Squats

So I started the third week of my cycle today (the heaviest week) and I was kind of nervous to see how far I have progressed these last couple of cycles. My first warm-up set worried me because I felt stiff, and the weight felt heavier that it should have. But as I upped the weight, and moved into my working sets, I felt great! The weight was coming up fast, the stiffness went away, and I had no problem hitting the depth. My last working set was 210 lbs for AMAP (as many as possible) and I hit it for 11. This is more than I had hoped for, and it set a good pace for the rest of the workout.

Warm Ups
bar 2 x 10, 3 x 5 - 100, 110, 125
Working Sets
x 10 - 155
x 8 - 180
AMAP - 210 (x 11)
SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings 3 x 10 - 65 (we consider the SS Yoke Bar 45 lbs)
Seated Band Spreads> 4 x 25 - red band
Glute/Ham Raise elevated 4 inches 3 x 10
Reverse Hypers 4 x 10 - 45 slow reps