11-22-13 – Squats

The atmosphere at HPF was electric tonight! The gym was filled with hard working people and people who have each other’s back. Having my HPF family there is a great feeling. My legs were feeling pretty good. I had some time between clients so I wanted to get my squats in. While taking my warm up sets I knew it was going to be a good session. I am still training my squats without a belt. My body was keeping very stable. Inhaling very deeply and pressing my abs outward made sure of this. On the second rep of my last set I relaxed in the hole for a split second and it collapsed my chest and sent my body forward. I was able to recover and get it up. I fixed the problem and was able to complete my set with a good, solid lift. I love nights like this. TEAM HPF IS FAMILY.

Warm Ups
bar 2 x 8
3 x 5 - 135, 225, 255
x 3 - 285
Working Sets
5 x 3 - 340, 365, 395, 425, 450
SS Yoke Bar Pause Squats
3 x 5 - 225, 265, 285 considered SS Yoke Bar as 45 lbs