11-25-13 – Bench Press

Today I made it an early session. I knew I was going to be swamped with work so I needed to get it done asap. I love being able to have HPF  to myself in the morning. It makes me think about how far we’ve come. I makes me appreciate all the hard work it took from everyone to get what we have. The feeling of positivity fueled my training session.

I cranked the stereo and got to work. I was looking forward to this session because I felt like my bench press has been slacking so this was a great day to push it. I was going for as many reps as possible on my last working set. My warm ups were flying off my chest. I was able to keep my back in a tight position. This allowed me to stay stable throughout my sets. I was confident going into my last set of 325lbs. The weight felt good coming up. I pushed myself until near exhaustion. I was able to push out 9 reps. I would have tried for another rep if I would have had a spotter but I decided to shut it down. I was happy with my set of 9!

I love doing incline bench press so I have kept it in my training cycles for awhile now. The reps went smoothly. The last set of 290 lbs was a little difficult to complete. I was trying my hardest to not cheat and lift my butt off the bench. I was able to remain in a tight position with my butt still on the bench and complete the set successfully. My accessories were done in a circuit to aid with saving time. Today was a great day of training! Ready to take on the rest of the week!

Bench Press
Warm Ups
Bar 2 x 10
2 x 5 - 155, 175
x 3 - 195
Working Sets
x 5 - 250
x 4 - 270
x 3 - 290
x 2 - 310
As many as possible 325 x 7
Incline Bench Press 3 x 3 - 215, 250, 290
*Circuit.Three Rounds*
Face Pulls x 15 - Orange Band
DB Side Raises x 12 - 30
DB Extensions x 12 - 40
Hammer Curls x 12 - 35