11-26-13 – Squats

Walking into HPF today I felt determined and ready to go. I brought in Tori who is my long time friend and soon to be new member of the HPF family. I wanted to show her what the gym is really about and this could not have been a better day. The energy of the place as you walk in the door is unexplainable, everyone was ready to hit big numbers and that they did. It was great to able to teach somebody how to squat correctly and then have a man squatting 700 plus pounds just feet away from us. With the help of my training partner Danny Flood we were able to have Tori squatting with beautiful form within 30 minutes of her starting. The energy of the gym also helped with my squats as well. My working sets of 145, 175, and 205 all for 8 felt really good and came up easy. I am still trying to focus on depth as much as possible during my squats and I’m happy with the depth I was able to hit today not only on my regular squats but also on my close stance SSYB squats that will also be in the video below. Enjoy 🙂

Warm Ups
bar - 2 x 10
3 x 5 - 85, 100, 115
Working Sets
3 x 8 - 145, 175, 205
SS Yoke Bar 3 x 8 - 135, 145, 155
SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings 2 x 10 - 95
Glute/Ham Raises 3 x 10 - raised on 1 board platform
Reverse Hypers 4 x 12 - 70
Prowler x 8 trips - two 45s on each side

Squats with regular bar

Squats w/ SS Yoke Bar