11-29-13 – Shoulders

I don’t know were to start. I had a shitty day at work so I was feeling like I was going to do crappy at the gym. When I got there I put in my head phones. I found a song the made me pissed and I then got tunnel vison. I listened to the same song the whole time and my work out went great! It funny how your mind works. Just putting a song can make you want just go a 100%. Needless to say that song got me through the work out.

Breakfast: Half gallon of chocolate milk, protein bar

Lunch: A little turkey, chicken breast

Dinner: Two double cheeseburgers from Culvers, twenty boneless wings from Hooters

Standing Overhead Press
Bar x 20
135 x 10
155 x 8
185 x 5
205 x 10
One Arm Shoulder Press 3 x 15 - 65
Dumbbell Side Raise 3 x 10 - 50
Behind the Neck Press 3 x 10 - 135
*Shrugs* 3 x 12 - 225
*Rear Delt Raise* 3 x 12 - 25
* I didn't do triceps like I normally do on shoulder day. I was still sore from my training session on Monday.