10-15-13 – Bench Press


Today was another early morning training session. Training early makes me feel great throughout the entire day.  I brewed a big pot of coffee this morning and got to work.


During my warm up sets I knew it was going to be a great session. The bar was moving off my chest fast and my body felt tight. The only thing that felt a little off was that I would get a tense feeling around my left collarbone as I pushed the weight up. This only happens when I don’t  tuck my shoulders blades towards my glutes.

On my final set of bench press of 315 lbs I wanted more than 5 reps. During the set I felt fatigued at rep #4. I kept my body tight and just kept pushing. I ended up getting 10 reps. I was really happy with how that set turned out.

The rest of the session went very well. The incline bench press has always been one of my favorite movements and today it felt great. I did all of my accessories in a circuit and it went smoothly.

Bench Press - Warm ups
x 5 - 145
x 5 - 165
x 3 - 185
Working Sets
x 5 - 245
x 4 - 255
x 3 - 275
x 2 - 290
As many reps as possible - 315 (x 10 reps!)
Incline Bench Press
3 x 3 - 200, 230, 265
Chest Supported Rows
4 x 10 - 50
DB Front Raise
4 x 10 - 30
Band Spreads
4 x 25 - red band
Tricep Pushdowns w/band
4 x 25 - orange band
Hammer Curls
4 x 10 - 35