10-17-13 – Deadlifts

Today was the day I was going to test my deadlift.  There was awesome electricity present in the gym during the time I was training. I have been listening to Jay Z lately and I love his story of success. His new album was the choice of music that we would blast on our stereo. My training partners Were having a great session so I wanted to not only get my numbers I wanted to get hit but not let them down too.

In the midst of our deadlift party the weights were coming off the ground with ease. My body felt tight and back was feeling strong. My grip was feeling tight with every rep. It was not until my last set where my technique started to break apart.

My first rep of 430 I let the weight travel away from my shins. My heels even came off the ground, throwing me forward. This set the tone for the entire set. I should have reset after each rep but I wanted to try to get back in the groove. It was on my fifth rep where the bar got too far away from my body so I decided to shut it down.

With each challenge there is a lesson to be learned. From today’s session I learned that I should be patient, make sure everything is set before I start my lift. I have to put myself in the best position for success. When I get back on the platform I will make the correct adjustments and be better than today.

Deadlifts Warm ups
x 5 - 185
x 5 - 225
x 5 - 275
Working Sets
x 5 - 340
x 3 - 385
As many reps as possible - 430(x 4) weight got too far away from my shins
Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlifts
3 x 8 - 275, 295, 315
Glute/Ham Raises
4 x 10
Back Raises
3 x 12
Ab Wheel
2 x 10
Standing Abs
x 25 (Grey Band)