10-18-13 – Military Press

I felt a little tight today from my deadlift day yesterday. The Rumble Roller made it a lot better. I spent a good amount of time rolling my body to loosen up my tight muscles. It was somewhat cold in the gym so I made sure I was nice and loose.

The presses went very well. They felt solid and fast. Since putting the military press back into my training I have felt strong in my bench press. On my last set of presses I was going to be happy with anything more than five reps. I ended up getting ten reps!  My triceps were fatigued towards the end. This is a good number to shoot for on my day of as many reps as possible. I did all of my accessories in a circuit. Today was a sweet and simple day of training.

Military Press Warm ups
x 5 - 75
x 5 - 95
x 3 - 110
Working Sets
x 5 - 140
x 3 - 155
As many reps as possible - 175 (x 10)
Lat Pull Downs
5 x 10 - 170, 170, 180, 180, 200
Dumbbell Side Raises
3 x 10 - 25
3 x 15 - Orange Band
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
3 x 10 - 40
Barbell Curls
3 x 12 - 65