10-22-13 – Bench Press

Felt strong today. After spending time on the Rumble Roller and warming up I felt amazing. My lower back was a little tight from yesterday’s squat session but rolling it made it a lot better.


The weight felt light in my hands today. Even though I am working with relatively light weights it felt lighter than usual. I squeezed my back and drove my heals in the ground to maintain a tight position. My working sets felt great.


My incline bench press felt a little tough. Working sets of eight made my upper chest on fire when I was done with my set. The accessories we did were really tough for me to get through. I have always neglected doing pull-ups so I wanted to add it in m regimen. Those took a lot out of me even though they were band assisted. Training with my dad really helped me to push through everything. He has started training with me recently and it has made me train harder knowing he is there supporting me and getting stronger and healthier himself.

Bench Press Warm ups
x 5 - 150
x 5 - 170
x 3 - 190
Working Sets
x 5 - 205
x 5 - 225
x 5 - 245
x 5 - 265
x 5 - 280
Incline Bench Press
3 x 8 - 205, 230, 245
Chest Supported Rows
4 x 12 - 50
Dumbbell Front Raise
3 x 12 - 30
Band Assisted Pullups
3 x 10 - #3 hole, grey band
Tate Presses
3 x 12 - 30
Hammer Curls
3 x 10 - 40