10-23-13 Mike R’s Squat Day


Well this was my first rep week for squats and boy was I ready. It was a little chilly at HPF today but once the muscles started loosening up and my squatting partners got there I was jakked! All in all it was a great work out. The 1 set of 50 reps put me in my ass, literally, but it felt great to put in the work and inch closer and closer and closer to my goals.

The program I am using is Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method. So all my workouts will be formed around that.

Keep lifting my friends!

(70% of 440) 8 x 1 - 315
Straight Bar Wide Stance
3 x 8 - 225, 245, 275
Barbell Lunges
3 x 15 - 95
Olympic Squats
x 50 - 135
x 60 crunches