10-25-13 – Military Press

Today’s training session went smoothly. It went so smooth that I forgot to record my sets of military press. It totally slipped my mind because we were on a roll with getting to work. The weights felt good while I pressed. On my last set I lost focus and my right hand turned downward. I wasn’t squeezing the bar hard at all. I put the weight back on the rack and I started my set again. I made sure my grip was tight and proceeded with my last set. It went as expected and the bar moved up fast. I still have to work on keeping my abs tight while pressing because I am sometimes getting wobbly. Accessories were sweet and simple. Good session today.

Military Press Warm Ups
x 5 - 80
x 5 - 100
x 3 - 115
Working Sets
x 5 - 125
x 5 - 145
x 5 - 165 right wrist gave out on 1st rep and hand fell forward. started set over.
Seated Cable Rows
4 x 12 - 150, 170, 200, 200
Seated Dumbbell Cleans
2 x 20 - 15 traps were still pumped from yesterday's shrugs!
TRX Rows
3 x 12
Reverse Flies
3 x 12 - 20
Dumbbell Hammer Curls
3 x 12 - 40