10-31-13 – Deadlifts

Ok, deadlifts for reps, fun,fun,fun. My first set of 8 was rough from being in a 2″ deficit but oddly enough it felt good to be that far down and pull a decent amount of weight for reps. The 4″ blockpulls, like I said before are a little harder for me because that position is somewhat of a sticking point for me, but all in all good deadlifting session. Bring on the weight!
Keep lifting my friends.
Deadlift from 2 inch Deficit
1 x 8 - 405
Deadlift off of 4 inch Blocks
2 x 3 - 455
Safety Squat Yoke Bar Olympic Squat
3 x 8 - 225
Glute Ham Raises
4 x 10
Back Raises
x 50