Serving student-athletes age 10 and up for improved sports performance.

Athletes and parents of athletes looking for that competitive edge, you’ve found the answer. Most middle school and high school student-athletes aren’t receiving proper instruction and programming for resistance training or they aren’t utilizing training outside of school-organized programs. Set your son or daughter and their performance apart from the rest by taking advantage of our strength, conditioning, speed, mobility, and power oriented programming at HPF. We customize strength training regimens for the athlete’s goals and needs in mind, with a year round, in and off season program designed for long-term results.

Our training is structured in a semi-private, small group setting with sessions that meet every day/week on a set schedule, for typically 60 minutes per session. Below you’ll see the training enrollment options.

High School & College Student-Athletes

Sports Performance Training12-Month Commitment
Up to 4 sessions per week$299 per month

5th through 8th Grade Student-Athletes (10-14 years old)

Youth Athletic Development3-Month Initial Commitment
Up to 4 sessions per week$199 per month