2-16-14 – DB Shoulder Press/Abs: Teardrops & Composition

I trained this morning at 10:30 so that I could finish before Michael needed to train. He had max effort squats today and was waiting for the guys to get there for spots. My shoulder presses went well. I’m looking forward to seeing improvement. I want to have strong, cut up delt teardrops by summer! Being a woman, my upper body is my weakest link, so I’m starting out with dumbbells to practice technique. My short ab session was killer and I will definitely feel it tomorrow and the next day! I was looking back at some old photos today and am happy to never let myself return to that body composition ever again. Notice I did not say “weight” because it wasn’t the number on the scale, it was the ratio of how that total body weight was distributed in fat mass and muscle mass. My goal is to turn that body composition ratio the other way.

Warm Up Sets
2x10 20 lbs
Working Sets
4x10 30 lbs
3x12 lat pull downs
3x12 DB front raises
3x15 face pulls w/red band & grenades
3x15 tricep pushdowns w/red band
3x10 DB hammer curls
3x15 Russian twists w/med ball
3x15 DB side bends
3x15 toe touch sit-ups w/stability ball