1-26-14 – Deadlift: Lessons & Pain

Deadlifts felt great today. I had good energy throughout this session. About two minutes after my last working set, which felt perfectly fine, my lower back tweeked out on me. I was unsure of what happened because nothing felt weird or out of place during any of my lifts thus far. So, I had a shooting pain from simply standing, one of those pains that just makes your body jerk when you hit that trigger point. Ugh! I’m pissed. I worked through my accessories and tried to be careful not to hurt myself more. Later on, if I sat too long it would hurt, if I stood up too long it would hurt, so I was just screwed. This really makes me mad because it’s SUNDAY, meaning that I just turned my great start of the week in training to a “not-picking-anything-up” week of recovery. The important part is that I learned from it, will make adjustments (like wearing a belt for deadlifts from now on) and will move forward.

Side Note:  I’m using our 2-board platforms for this cycle of deadlifts, which adds 3 inches in total height, in order to work on my hip flexibility/mobility. After 3 weeks I’ll go down to a 1-board platform which is only 1.75 inches, and then back down to the floor for the cycle after that.

Warm Up Sets
1x5 65 lbs
1x5 75 lbs
1x3 80 lbs
Working Sets
1x5 90 lbs
1x5 100 lbs
1x5 105 lbs
1x5 115 lbs
1x5 125 lbs
4x10 straight-leg deadlifts
4x10 seated band spreads
3x10 barbell shrugs
4x10 reverse hyper
3x20 standing ab pulldowns w/orange band