2-12-14 – Bench: Anticipation

I felt pretty good this morning. Waking up earlier is getting better. We still got to HPF a little late (my fault, obviously lol) so Mike worked on his squats while I benched and then I put my accessories into a circuit to save time. Everything felt pretty easy. I’m looking forward to next week and blowing my AMAP’s out of the water to get a new and higher training max set in stone. Oh and we took my “before” photos and measurements today! I can’t wait to see the “after” version!!

Warm Up Sets
1x5 40 lbs
1x5 45 lbs
1x3 50 lbs
Working Sets
1x3 55 lbs
1x3 60 lbs
1x3 65 lbs
1x3 70 lbs
1x3 75 lbs
4-Round Circuit:
1x10 TRX rows
1x10 DB side raises
1X10 band spreads
1x10 tricep pushdowns with grenades
1x10 DB hammer curls